It seems we most often trust others to tell us what is good for us, rather than use logic and wisdom, about what we consume.fruit bowl

Kevin Trudeau in his book "Natural Cures they don't want you to know about", reveals how the drug companies, large commercial food suppliers, chain stores, FDA, and FTC, are all involved wittingly or otherwise, in a massive deception.

You've been misled and lied to especially in your doctor's office, the hospital, and from those who have blind faith in the "FDA" to protect you from poisons in your food.  Instead these trusted institutions, agencies and entities have been causing lots of harm.

For starters out-gassing plastics, pesticides, formaldehyde used in Monsanto carpeting. Then there's herbicides, irradiation, genetically modified foods.

Then consider - Is it reasonable for us to cook the life out of our food?

It's well known that raw food is most important for good health.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away - for example.

Because we grew up eating cooked foods - we just ritually continue as we always have, but take the notion away from our frame of reference and it doesn't make much sense.  Ever seen a lion cooking it's dinner?

Then there's government insanity like paying dairy farmers not to milk cows. 

Isn't cow milk designed for baby calves?  Don't you think mother's milk is natures best for babies.

Did you know that when we are not fed from our mother's breast we miss a vital protein that causes babies to lose 20% of their intelect.

Best of Health to you.

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