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Liberating Technologies that save you money and more, Never buy laundry soap again, Imagine never paying another electricity bill

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Sep 11 2009

Join BeFreeTech Worldwide as an Affiliate

  • Sell the Revolutionary Technologies available on this site - Worldwide
  • Use provided banners and product links to sell or make your own.
  • Order processing handled by It costs you nothing!
  • Affiliates earn 10% commission on the first tier for most products available on this site
  • Affiliates earn 5% of the gross sale on tier two, which means when your customers sell to others.
  • Get a replicated website for FREE just by creating an account

To create an account: Click Here

After creating your account profile page you'll be able to login to your affiliate back office, where you can see your sales tools, down lines and ultimately your commissions.

You can copy and paste the order link you will see on the main menu or use your replicated website link above in outgoing emails to entice customers to buy from you.

Payments are made through PayPal and you don't have to have a paypal account to receive funds because on your first payment you'll be prompted to create one or you may use your existing Paypal email address with the system so that it receives your commissions,

1. Use it for online purchases
2. Put it in your bank account for FREE
3. Receive a check from PayPal at a cost of only $1.50

The effect of clicking your link persists for up to a year, so if your customer comes back to the website and orders within a year from the time they first clicked they're likely to be ordering from you as referrer and you'll earn a commission on their purchase.

Note: We do not require or use any SSN's (Slave Surveillance Numbers) (Social InSecurity Numbers) here.

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