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Alpha System

ALPHA System
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a ALPHA system for my DIESEL car or truck?

We have done some testing with the ALPHA system on diesel engines and we expect at some point we will also offer the ALPHA for Diesel.

Presently (until then) you can get our XTRA Diesel Covalizer that is designed specifically for diesel cars and trucks. It breaks the covalent bonds of the diesel fuel, making it more vaporizable and thus more efficiently burned.

With XTRA we've seen highway mileage increases upwards of 20%. One bottle treats 166 gallons of diesel fuel, and at $20 per bottle it costs 12 cents per gallon to break the covalent bonds of diesel fuel for the sake of increased mileage.

Give it a try at only $20 plus shipping and see if it works in your diesel car or truck. Click to order XTRA Diesel Mileage Booster

On which cars or trucks will the ALPHA work?

The ALPHA System is a one-size-fits-all system for gas powered cars and trucks.

What about freezing in winter?

I have news that there is a solution to the freezing problem either available for or included with the Alpha System.

What maintenance will be required for the Alpha system?

Not much. You can check the water in the reservoir periodically like you would check your brake fluid. Check that it's at the fill point and if it isn't, simply add distilled water to the fill line.

You may optionally add MPG Booster to the gas tank using the convenient pre-measuring squeeze bottle to give the system an added boost. Add in a ratio of only 1 ounce to 25 gallons of fuel added to your tank. If you have a 15 gallon tank and you're half empty then add about 1/4 of an ounce of MPG Booster by squeezing the bottle to fill 1/4th of the 1 ounce chamber and pour that into the gas tank before filling. MPG Booster breaks the long chain molecular covalent bonds of gasoline so that it burns faster and more completely. Adding too much MPG Booster does no additional good but also causes no harm.

One bottle of MPG Booster conditions 400 gallons of fuel at a cost of 5 cents per gallon. That's far better than any stand alone fuel additive. Keep in mind that the ALPHA is a complete "system" with all of the components working together to maximize the effect of the total process. As a stand alone product it can increase your mileage by as much as 20%. Click to order MPG Booster

Happy Man Saving Money on GasolineWhat kind of mileage should I realistically expect from the Alpha System?

We are confident that when it's released you'll get an increase in highway mileage of at least 50%. Most cars are expected to do better than that after installation by one of our certified installers.

Can a system be installed on leased vehicles?

That's up to the leasing contract that you signed with the leasing company. We suggest that you review that contract and determine what is says about putting after market products on the vehicle during the term of the lease. Most likely it says nothing about that so adding the system would be up to you. If you turn in the leased car you can remove the ALPHA System and install it on your next car.

Available NOW!

MPG Booster

breaks the covalent bonds of your gasoline improving vaporization.

Use only 1oz with 25 gallons of gas.

Treats the fuel at a cost of only 5 cents per gallon making the cost virtually negligible relative to the benefit of providing mileage increases upwards of 20%.

A 16 ounce bottle will condition 400 gallons of gasoline for only $19.95

MPG Booster

Available NOW!

MPG Booster

Save Gas

What if I want to install it myself?

Only prospective mechanics who are interested in working with us may install this system. A pre-requisite will be that they are successful with each install they do before they can continue. The first three installs must be validated before they will be able to stock system inventory.

If you're interested as a mechanic to install these, you may send me an email from my contact page here and I'll make sure you're apprised when we open up for mechanics to get involved.

Otherwise installation is part and parcel of the mileage performance warranty so only our certified installers are going to be installing these systems.

Can I move the ALPHA System to another car?

Absolutely. The components are easily moved from one car to another. It's a one-size-fits-all solution.

If I donâ€Ã¢â€žÂ¢t get an increase of 50% but I am pleased with my savings can I keep it?

Yes you may sign a waiver to keep it if you like, however we'd be extremely surprised if you don't get more than a 50% mileage gain with the Alpha System installed correctly.

How is the power of the engine affected?

The ALPHA System widens the torque range increases the rate of acceleration. Also after acceleration, you'll probably notice that the accelerator point needed to maintain speed will be higher (lighter press) than it was previously.

Also the ALPHA System will help not only eliminate carbon deposits caused by unburned gasoline - but will actually clean your engine. You'll observe that the engine will run more smoothly and quietly over time. The effect causes less noise and less vibration, resulting in reduced strain on the transmission for smoother shifting, cleaner pistons and valves, and generally better engine operation.


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