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Conventional insect poisons kill with gross impact on the insect's respiratory system and the poisons in these insecticides are also bad for humans.

In contrast, Insect-a-Shield is odorless and completely harmless to humans and animals. It causes bugs to rapidly dehydrate and die.

Organic Farmers - you'll love this!

What's in it?
Insect-a-Shield is based on diatomaceous earth and has other ingredients that facilitate delivery. It's a natural and safe alternative to poisonous insecticides.

Also added to most varieties is Pyrethrum, one of mans oldest insecticides - highly lethal to insects. It comes from chrysanthemum flowers located in Kenya and Ecuador and is a digestible vegetable extract of the flower. Piperonyl butoxide is another vegetable extract that is an insecticide in its own right. It is added to Insect-a-Shield to greater enhance the Pyrethrum and make it more effective. Together, these three ingredients make Insect-a-Shield a safe and effective bug killer.

Product Information

Insect-A-Shield comes in seven varieties, see below their applications.

Effective against roaches, silverfish, ants, flies, bedbugs, fleas, box elder bugs, etc., in the home
Note: Fire Ant, Pet and Animal and Household varieties are virtually the same product. They are sold separately with different labels because of the licensing complexities dealing with government interference and meddling.

You can buy Household and use it interchangeably for all the applications. It's been our experience that all these varieties of Insect-a-shield are effective with all the insect pests we've encountered.

Garden and Plant is unique as it is specifically designed for dusting plants so order that if this is your intentional use.

Fossil Shell Flour doesn't have the barbs and so is ideal for animal (or human) consumption for the sake of intestinal cleansing, parasite flushing and general health improvement.

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