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Conventional insect poisons kill with gross impact on the insect's respiratory system and the poisons in these insecticides are also bad for humans.

In contrast, Insect-a-Shield is odorless and completely harmless to humans and animals. It causes bugs to rapidly dehydrate and die.

Product Information

Insect-A-Shield comes in seven varieties, see below their applications.

HOUSEHOLD - The Household is effective against roaches, silverfish, ants, flies, bedbugs, fleas, box elder bugs, etc., in the home.

GARDEN AND PLANT - The Garden and Plant is useful to protect plants against a vast number of insects as listed on the label whether around the home or in the fields. It can be used on food crops even on the day of harvest.

The Garden and Plant is useful to protect plants against a vast number of insects whether around the home or in the fields. It can be used on food crops even on the day of harvest.


Indoors, apply the product with the 5 oz puffer, dusting the paths or areas of infestation. This is commonly under the leaf system.
Outdoors, depending upon the size of your garden, apply using the puffer bottle, lightly dusting the vegetation and leaf system.Water will wash the dust but the residue will remain active. It's best to apply while plants are dry. Can be applied the same day as harvest and it will not harm human or animal life.

The powder sticks to insect as they come in contact. Small microscopic spikes penetrate their exoskeleton thereby distributing the microscopic particles through their digestive organs. This causes death in a short time through dehydration. The average time for an insect to be immobilized is approximate 5-10 minutes. For more info
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PET AND ANIMAL - The Pet and Animal is effective against fleas and tics on animals. Instructions on the label should be followed to make certain of effectiveness. May also be applied to animals sleeping area.

FIRE ANT - The Fire Ant kills Fire Ants and a great many other insects. Use wet or dry according to the instructions on the label.

COMMERCIAL - The Commercial is the same formula as the Garden and Plant. It has instructions for various applications both wet and dry as well as instructions using conventional sprayers.

GRAIN STORAGE - The Grain Storage is formulated and packaged for use in grain bins or silos prior to filling with grain. It can also be used to "top dress" bags of grain in flat storage.

FOSSIL SHELL FLOUR - The Fossil Shell Flour is used as a safe additive for anti-caking of animal feeds. Thereby keeping food particles separate (no clumping) so that the surface area exposed to the digestive process is increased and therefore more feed is digested and utilized.

Note: Fire Ant, Pet and Animal and Household varieties are virtually the same product. They are sold separately with different labels because of the licensing complexities dealing with government interference and meddling.

You can buy Household and use it interchangeably for all the applications. It's been our experience that all these varieties of Insect-a-shield are effective with all the insect pests we've encountered.

Garden and Plant is unique as it is specifically designed for dusting plants so order that if this is your intentional use.

Fossil Shell Flour doesn't have the barbs and so is ideal for animal (or human) consumption for the sake of intestinal cleansing, parasite flushing and general health improvement.

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