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Soni-Grow nutrient concentrate 1 gallon
Soni-Grow Nutrient Concentrate and Soni-Grow CD. Organic Farming without with the Veges Sound system or the Home and Garden Kit sprayer.

Organic Farming without pesticides
Soni-Grow Nutrient Concentrate - 1 Gallon plus your choice of CD or Cassette Tape.

Soni-Grow nutrients are a perfect blend of Organic Based Nutrients, Enzymes, Hormones, Carbohydrates for use with the Soni-Grow Sound Machine or tape. Comes w/tape. The technology of sound & nutrients grows bigger, more nutritious crops that mature earlier & last longer. 1 pint covers 1 acre. Ideal dilution rate is 25 (water) to 1 (concentrate).
Among SoniGrow's most important nutrients are nitrogren from organic sources (including kelp) , potash, phosphorous (<1%) and calcium. Just about all trace minerals found in the sea are found in our product, and in the correct balance for plant uptake. The nutrient is frequency tuned to the Sound Machine and tape, making them completely compatible and harmonic for the best results.

The Certified Organic choice is for Certified Organic farmers only, since it's a weaker solution that satisfies the requirements peculiar to"certified" organic. Since the regular product is more powerful most should use it since it is completely organic but technically doesn't satisfy the now absurd requirements of "certified organic" which are weaker. Organic farmers will understand the absurdity of this quite well.

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