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Envirosafe ES-12 Small Cans
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Enviro-safe ES-12 - replaces R12 or 134A

Enviro-safe refrigerants provide up to 33% in power savings due to the increased efficiency of hydrocarbon relative to 134a or R12 Freon ?, while it lightens the load on the system!

Click here for the Enviro Safe replacements for Freon ? R22, R502 and R404.

ES-12 is a non-toxic, natural refrigerant replacement that's 30% more efficient and safer than it's conventional counterpart.

"Conventional" 134a can cause testicular cancer if you get a face full of it. Choose instead ES-12, our natural, efficient and safe alternative.

All small cans include free dye in in case you want to find a leak, and this (oddly) eliminates the problems shipping what is otherwise (without the dye) absurdly considered a hazmat item. That said there is an elevated shipping cost so make sure you order as many as you need in a given order to keep shipping prices as low as possible.

Enviro-safe ES-12
Replaces R12 or 134A

Get our 100% natural and superior refrigerants and save up to 33% of energy costs while lightening the load on air-conditioning or refrigeration systems.

Our superior alternative ES-12 replaces Freon ? R-12 or 134a increasing efficiency and safety for automobile and refrigerator applications.

Note that the MSDS dated 11-04-02 from Dupont's 134a indicates that exposure to 134a has been shown to be associated with the production of tumors on the testicles in animal inhalation studies.

Enviro-safe ES-12a is a completely non-toxic natural alternative refrigerant compared with R-134a or R-12.

  • Non Toxic
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Up to 33% More Efficient
  • No License Necessary
  • No Recycling
  • No Retrofitting!
  • Compatible with any refrigerant and lubricant that is already in the system.
  • Does not require a compressor oil change or retrofit meaning you can use with older cars which previously used R-12.
  • ES-12 is fully compatible as a direct drop in replacement for R-134a, and by extension R-12.
  • Guaranteed not to harm air conditioning system components or any related mechanical equipment if installed and used according to factory directions.
  • Is a better conductor of heat requiring less horsepower to compress, thus reducing compressor wear and extending compressor life.
  • Ignition temperature point is higher (safer) with ES-12 across the pressure spectrum than it is with Freon ? R-134a.
  • Does not become caustic if contaminated with moisture and oxygen.
  • Enviro-safe is 100% Organic.
  • Enviro-Safe does not become caustic if contaminated with moisture or oxygen.
  • Enviro-Safe does not require a compressor oil change.
  • Increased efficiency by as much as 33% means less wear on your refrigeration system, substantial energy savings and reduced operating costs
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants are endorsed by Greenpeace in full compliance with the UN Montreal Protocol

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