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Proceedings of the 1990 International Tesla Symposium
Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest geniuses of all time! This series of symposiums dedicated to Tesla started documentation of the 1984 and went through 1992. Each presents a slice of the brilliance that was Tesla.

Contents include: Opening Address by William Terbo, Project Insight: A Study of Tesla's Advanced Concepts by H.W. Jones, An Aspect of Concept Formation in Tesla's Thought by Patrick McKee, Nikola Tesla: The Lost Wizard by Mark Seifer, Disclosures Concerning the Operation of an ELF Oscillator by James Corum and Kenneth Corum, "A Physical Interpretation of the Colorado Springs Data by James Corum and Kenneth Corum, The Tesla Coil Experiment by Robert Golka, Ball Lightning Research via Computer Tesla Coil Design by Ronald J. Kovac, Tesla's Self-Sustaining Electrical Generator and the Ether by Oliver Nichelson, Thunderbolt Induced Earth Tremors, Possible Resonances by Rastko Maglic, Electric Weather Forces: A Tesla Vision by Charles Yost, "Self-Sustained Non-Hertzian Longitudinal Wave Oscillations as Rigorous Solutions of Maxwell's Equations for Electromagnetic Radiation by Robert W. Bass, Modification of Maxwell's Equations in Free Space to Account for Nonzero Photon Mass and Scalar Electromagnetic Waves by Richard A. Blade,Wavefront Detection Using a Dithering Mirror by Richard A. Blade and Steve Rogers, Scalar Fields: Their Prediction From Classical Electromagnetism and Interpretation from Quantum Mechanics by Jack Dea, Macroscopic Vacuum Polarization by Moray B. King, Properties of Nonlinear Coherent Modes in MHD Plasmas and a Possible Resolution of the Plasma Confinement Problem by Elizabeth A. Rauscher, "Tesla's Electromagnetics and its Soviet Weaponization by Thomas E. Bearden, Method and Means of Shielding a Person from the Polluting Effects of ELF Waves and All Other Environmental Electromagnetic Emissions by Andrija Puharich and The New Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-Dispersive Energy Through Natural Media by Nikola Tesla

The 1988 International Tesla Symposium was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is only fitting that these biennial events be hosted in the city where Tesla reached his zenith as he dared to confront the unknown. Unlike many of his "peers", Tesla would constantly challenge the conventional wisdom of his day in a number of different fields. Now, a nearly a half century after his death, the conventional wisdom is still standing and is once again being challenged. At the University of Graz, Tesla raised the issue utilizing AC power. Chastised and rebuked by his peers and his professor as being out in left field somewhere. Tesla went on to develop the Alternating Current motor which would bring the 20th Century home to millions! Later, Tesla felt that if mankind wouldn't stop fighting one another, they should turn into robots to do the fighting and at least save themselves from bloodshed. The results: The world's first automaton (complete with logic circuits and remote control) which was brushed aside by naval commanders as too advanced! Radio, superior lightning protection, advanced lighting techniques, and the world's most efficient motor--the bladeless turbine--are just a few of the elements comprising Tesla's legacy to the world.

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