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Fire Sentry
Fire Sentry

Fire safety for stove and car or anywhere fire could be a problem. Reliable fire extinguisher stops fire instantly and more effectively than conventional fire extinguishers. For more info see:Fire Sentry Bottle

Fumes from the fire can escape into the ventilation system and spread everywhere. The entire home could be on fire in a matter of minutes.

Fire Sentry contains siliconated beads of baking soda that won't cake up, and won't spread a grease fire as fire extinguishers will. It's always ready to put the fire out quickly.

Stovetop fires result in more home losses than any other cause.

Put one in each of your car's glove compartments to douse an engine fire or other fire emergencies.

These make great gifts for the conscientious and practical people you know and love.

You can even pour water in the bottle and it'll stay dry, so it'll be ready by your stove or in your car indefinitely since condensation will not affect it.

Preparation is the key to protecting yourself from a fire disaster. Get a Fire Sentry for your stove and

Fire Interceptor is the automatic Fire Sentry for your stove. This device attaches magnetically above each burner on your stove top. If the flames from the stove reach the fire interceptor, expanding hot air causes the Fire Sentry Interceptor to dump a pay load of siliconated beads, extinguishing the flames.

It's like having a Sentry guarding your stove, even when you're not home.

Buy one unit for each burner at a cost of only $25 each.

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