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Free Home Electricity

Never Pay an Energy Bill AgainUpdated: 11/14/2014

Imagine Free Electricity at your home - indefinitely!

Imagine using all the power you want for FREE, using technology that can tap a virtually unlimited source of energy while producing zero pollution.

How will it be to set your thermostat to any temperature you like, and use your lights and electrical appliances as much as you want with no cost at all!


See several ways to make free electricity, and see a variety of other revolutionary technologies.

You'll automatically receive a free registration for free electricity when you order a:

Public Awareness Kit

The Registration is really FREE!

There's no cost at any time to register for free electricity. Do it now by clicking the link below:

FREE Registration

Who's Eligible for this Free Electricity offer?

Anyone with a physical address in North America including Canada, Alaska and Hawaii, can register for FREE to receive free electricity.

Is the Registration Really FREE ?

You'll receive no spam or mailings by registering and there is absolutely no obligation or cost now for the free electricity registration or for the electricity you may eventually receive. Getting registered lets us know that you're willing to receive free electricity from a future system we may install for you.

Get a FREE registration for FREE Electricity

How will we make money?

Case 1: We may be able to sell the excess clean power produced by these machines at your home, at a bargain rate to power companies who could end up making more money selling our non-polluting, inexpensive power across their grid than they ever have made producing the power themselves.

Case 2: If the power companies don't want to work with us, there are alternate ways that power can be delivered, including a derivation of Tesla's wireless power technology mentioned above.

Either way, we anticipate being able to provide all your electrical power for free.

How will the free electricity system work?

The technology most often discussed is the coupling of the Hummingbird magnetic motor to the Sundance magnetic generator.

In 1999 we had a technology tour show seen in 47 states in which the Hummingbird magnetic motor was demonstrated producing 5 times more output torque measured in horse power, than the electrical power supplied. The excess power was being harvested using the Hummingbird's incorporated magnets.

Then in 2001, we had a 50 state tour demonstrating the Magnetic Sundance Generator. It was shown and similarly measured to be 100% efficient.

It's simple to see that if we connect a 500% efficient motor to a 100% efficient generator and use 1 of the 5 units of power produced to keep the Hummingbird motor going, that 4 free units of power are constantly being harvested from the magnets for free.


What do you know about magnets?  Haven't you wondered how magnets hold up their weight against gravity on your refrigerator virtually forever without glue? That's a constant expression of free energy right there on your refrigerator!

The Public Awareness Kit includes a video titled "The Case for Free Electricity" video, in which you'll see the Hummingbird Magnetic Motor measured and producing 5 times more output power in torque, than is supplied electrically, and you'll understand why we think a pollution-free, free-electricity machine can be constructed by coupling a Hummingbird motor to a Sundance generator and we believe this union of components will produce safe, clean, and virtually unlimited electricity for you!

Water Fuel

Did you know that cars can be powered entirely by water?

Stan MeyersStanley Meyer did it many years ago. Then the Pentagon conscripted him "ostensibly" to power army tanks with water, though it's apparent the real purpose was to get Stanley Meyer out of circulation.

On March 21, 1998, at a dinner celebrating their success, Stanley was poisoned and died.

Will the Machine be Noisy?

It's expected to be quiet, unobtrusive and non-polluting.

Magnetic Motor and Generator

The Hummingbird motor
& Sundance generator
shown together here are
only one of the possible
ways that free power could
be produced and delivered
to you at your home!

What Happens when I Register?

  1. You'll receive an official Free Electricity Registration and confirmation letter by e-mail, describing our commitment to provide electricity to you for free. For this we need your physical address where you receive your power bills.

  2. Keep us updated with your latest physical address and email address so you can be reached and notified.

  3. If we put our future free energy system on your property, it will be owned and maintained by ITEC, the "International Tesla Electric Company", much like your meter is maintained and owned by your local electric utility company. 26,000 kw h's of free power yearly is 8,000 Kw h's more than the average all-electric home uses.  In the extremely unlikely event you should exceed this 26,000 Kw h allocation, the additional power you use would cost you only the same low wholesale rate we will be charging to the power company.

  4. Your power is to be absolutely free, meaning we don't anticipate that there will be any costs or requirements for registrants!

Technology is freedom!

Energy systems and food systems lead to abundance, and as David Icke points out:


Technology Suppression

Washington Major newspapers ignored the historic 1903 flight of the Wright brothers airplane because Scientific American protested that the flight was a hoax, and for five years officials in Washington, D.C. claimed they didn't believe that the heavier-than-air machine had flown.

Nikola Tesla, arguably the greatest genius of all time, built the Wardenclyffe power magnifying plant. It was one of many planned free power generating stations. Had interference not prevented it, wireless power and communications could have been available as early as the 1920s, but when financier JP Morgan realized that Tesla's plans for wireless power might result in people having power for free, he stopped funding Tesla's project. The Wardenclyffe facility was demolished in 1917.

The Remedy

Your free electricity registration and those of your friends and family can help promote revolutionary technologies.

It will eventually become common knowledge that power can be produced for free using a clean, non-polluting, virtually unlimited energy source, requiring no oil, coal, or nuclear fuel, just as it became common knowledge that flying was possible after the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk.

Unlimited Resources

Resources gather a generally held perceived value based on the beliefs people have been told to have about their availability. Since reality for those people is that the resources are limited though from broader perspective resources are unlimited.

You may remember those old Gulf Oil TV commercials that gave the impression that dinosaurs were the source of our oil, and since they are extinct you are led to believe that all the oil that ever will be was ever produced from dead dinosaurs -- But you should know (if you don't already know) that oil, and coal are natural unlimited resources. Oil is abiotic in nature, produced faster within the earth than we can use it. The Gulf Oil commercial was entirely based on innuendo intended to make oil appear scarce thus keeping the price high. Fuel effecient cars vanish from the market place since that's good for the sellers of fuel.

Excerpt Link: In Dec. 12, 1936 Canadian Automotive Magazine states that the standard carburetor gets about 25 mpg at only 9% efficiency. Therefore the Pogue carburetor is 72% efficient overall at 200 mpg. In fact, many people attested to these mileage claims as The Pogue Carb went into production and was sold openly. [see Don Garlitz, above]. His invention caused such shock waves through the stock market, that the US and Canadian governments both stepped in and applied pressure to stifle him. One of the crucial factors of these systems is the use of “white” gasoline, which contained no additives. It was at this time oil companies started adding lead to the fuel. Lead is an anti-catalyst that rendered Pogue’s carburetor as inefficient as a regular carb.

Public Awareness Kit:

Receive a free registration while getting tuned in and turned on with a "Public Awareness Kit". You'll witness a variety of revolutionary technologies and you'll see several ways that power can be produced for free. For example on the included DVD titled "Research Projects" you'll see some mind blowing technologies such as the the amazing water-powered Tornado Engine.

What you can do now!

Invite others to sign up for FREE to receive free electricity leaving nuclear, petroleum, and coal supplied power behind by replacing it with abundant, pollution-free energy.

Public Awareness KitGet registered for Free Electricity Now by getting the kit below:

With a Public Awareness Kit You get the following:

Additional technologies you may also ultimately be able to use:

  • Run a car engine on water, CO2, oxygen, compressed air, or heat
  • Tesla Turbine to make electricity, Tesla Generator
  • Magneto Hydro Dynamics & room temperature Super Conductor
  • Negawatt circuit proves electricity is used but not consumed
  • Medical laser camera to see right through the human body. See skeleton and organs without radiation
  • Puncture Proof Pneumatic Tires that never go flat
  • Heat Paint your driveway & never shovel snow
  • World's most efficient Thermal Storage Device
  • Pump water for farmers, absolutely free
  • Plastic Houses (last 2000 years - no termites)
  • Burn garbage without smoke or noxious oxides

The Research Team:

  • Designer of the modern submarine hull
  • Prior Superintendent of 747 Mfg. Plant
  • Designer of tracking systems for NASA
  • Prior Chief Research Eng. for Batelle
  • Ex-Manager of 12 electric power plants
  • Expert on internal combustion engines
  • Renowned Dr. of Electrical Engineering
  • Various engineers, machinists, etc.
  • Expert on Tesla's research from 30 years of study

Get a Public Awareness Kit and receive your free registration for free electricity along with all the exciting information listed above.

At least 6 DVD titles that will empower you with knowledge and awareness. Discover how our lives can all be made better with revolutionary technology.

Free Your Mind; Break the Matrix... Get your own Public Awareness Kit today by clicking below. A free registration for free electricity will be sent to you with your kit and you'll be signed up to receive free power at your home indefinitely:

Order Public Awareness Kit Here

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Electricity

How can I get free home electricity?

The registration and the electricity is FREE. There's no cost to SIGN-UP to receive free electricity. Get your FREE registration for FREE Electricity

When might units to be released?

We will do what we can to get the technology released. You can help make this happen faster by bringing attention to this website and particularly to the "Public Awareness Kit", since awareness of the technology brings free electricity closer to home by establishing a stronger collective desire which creates attraction for these technologies.

Why aren't we just selling Free Electricity machines?

Because we know that those who have attempted to sell free electricity systems have been stopped legally or otherwise interfered with by government and others.

It sounds too good to be true.

So was "heavier than air flight" and "communication over wires".  Every revolution in technology was considered "too good to be true", before it became a part of our lives.

There is an inexhaustable supply of abundant energy on earth that is free for all of us s forever - all the time.

Can I continue to get power from the grid if the generator fails?

Yes. The equipment we expect to provide should be reliable, but as with any mechanical electrical electronic device, malfunctions are possible. As the plan exists now (subject to change), you'll stay connected with the power company. Electricity can flow either way. If our generator goes down the system will either be automatically or manually switched to the grid.

Does the unit need to be inside or can it be outside?

We expect to be able to put it in your garage, the basement or next to your service entrance outside. Most likely it will go on a pad outside your house similar to the pad outside for your air conditioner and the physical size and sound would be comparable to an outside air conditioner.

Can I register for free electricity even if I'm not connected to the grid?


Is the unit quiet and how large will it be?

The system we've discussed would be approximately the same size and produce as much sound as the typical outside air conditioner unit.

Q.  Aren't there laws that prevent you from selling power back to the electric companies?

A.  No, in fact there is a federal law that was enacted in 1996 that says anyone can be an independent power producer. Anyone can put a generator (diesel, gas, wind, solar) on their house and the electric company must buy back the excess power they produce. Few people do this because the costs have been kept prohibitive.

Q. What happens if I move before the generator is installed?

A.  If you move, please update us with your new address and contact info so you can receive a notice from us. It's free to update your Free Electricity Registration information anytime by E-mail.  Just contact me, with your registration number, and your new address, city, state (province), postal code, phone number, and also make sure you update me if your e-mail address changes.  If you have a separate mailing and physical address you may include both. The physical address is essential since it would be the installation address. It speeds the process if you include your registration number.

Q. In the event of my death, can my family still receive free electricity?

A. Yes, the address is the most important part of the registration and it's the registered address that will receive free power. It's possible that Free Electricity may be provided to your heirs and their heirs ad-infinitum.

Q. Isn't "free electricity" technology impossible?

A.  People have been saying that all kinds of things were impossible that we now know are quite possible. Think about the things that we take for granted that 100 to 200 years ago would have seemed impossible.  This list would certainly include television, radio, VCRs, automobiles, airplanes, space travel, lasers, atomic energy, atomic bombs, internal combustion engines. This list could go on for pages.

Q. Won't this technology put people out of work?

A. Energy technology will need to be produced, then as it's implemented everyone will be saving money so:

1) There will be lots positions getting generator systems produced, and implemented.

2)  The cost of everything will decrease since up to 70% of the cost of items is the cost of energy to produce them and the cost of transportation to bring them to you.

3) More money saved = more leisure time for you and everyone you know.

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